JOIN’EM workshop about innovative solid state joining process

The JOIN’EM project addresses current shortcomings of more traditional welding technologies when joining dissimilar metal combinations. It aims to create a cost-effective and practical way of joining aluminium and copper. Joining by electromagnetic forming (EMF), also called electromagnetic pulse welding, is a promising innovative technology which can be used for welding of similar and dissimilar material combinations, including multiple combinations, which are difficult or impossible to join using conventional processes.
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New joining solutions presented to the German Manufacturing Industry

The JOIN’EM project will be presented at the 23rd Sächsische Fachtagung Umformtechnik, which will take place in Dresden, Germany during 7th and 8th of December, 2016.
The Sächsische Fachtagung Umformtechnik is a well-established annual conference in Saxony – a region with long industrial and manufacturing tradition in Germany. The conference typically alternates between the three cities of Dresden, Chemnitz, and Freiberg.
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