JOIN’EM project presented at the 7th General Assembly of the European Joining Sub-Platform to Manufuture

JOIN’EM was presented on the 16th of November of 2017, during the 7th General Assembly of the European Joining Sub Platform to Manufuture, in the section Industrial Challenges in Joining.

Verena Psyk, the project coordinator, disclosed the main technical characteristics regarding the development of the project. JOIN’EM focuses on the need for joining copper to aluminium using electromagnetic fields. This will allow the substitution of copper intensive parts by hybrid aluminium-copper ones. The approach to study the industrial implementation issues was also highlighted.
The fact of being presented during the 7th General Assembly Stakeholder meeting, was an outstanding opportunity for the JOIN’EM project to be known by the Joining Sub-platform to Manufuture members. The event generated an excellent occasion to interact with experts on complementary topics.
Furthermore, the 7th General Assembly of the European Joining Sub-platform to Manufuture took place during the EWF 25th Anniversary, which consisted in one week with several conferences and meetings to debate the future of Europe’s Industry, how to maintain the competitivity and what are the required challenges to have a prepared workforce.

The objective was to bring together representatives leading industry, policymakers, researchers and experts to debate on the future of European industry and the qualifications needed to achieve it. For one week, more than 250 participants had the opportunity to contribute, ask questions, interact and to visit the posters exhibition. This exhibition contained posters with research and development projects, vocational education and training educational projects organised by EWF, along with the additive manufacturing poster exploitation, organised by AM-Motion. JOIN’EM was one of the projects that caught the participant’s attention, as its roll-up banner and poster were also showcased.

The interactive week conference was an excellent occasion to learn more about the latest industry trends, the approach to vocational educational training, about the EU Framework programmes, such as Erasmus+ and H2020, and the initiatives of European Commission regarding the manufacturing area.