JOIN’EM project’s success in reaching its objectives

On August 30th, 2018 the project consortium gathered in Paris to assess the work developed so far and to showcase the achievements obtained throughout the project.

As an end result, it has shown this technology's effectiveness as a flexible and cost-effective joining process for dissimilar materials for companies from diverse industrial sectors, from white goods to the automotive sector. The importance of the advances made possible with this technology can be grasped by realising that the performance requirements of innovative products strongly depends on the development of new materials or new applications of existing ones, that are ideally adapted to the requirements, the load profile, and the function of each individual component.

As part of the project's deliverables, JOIN'EM has:

  • Developed 3 industrially relevant joints produced by EPW (connector bar for electrical applications, tube-to-tube & sheet-to-tube connection for heating and cooling applications);
  • Developed 3 full prototypic applications (tube and sheet metal connections for heating and cooling applications, sheet metal connections for electrical applications);
  • Improved part performance of at least 30% with regard to application relevant issues.

In the recent press release issued is detailed how JOIN’EM project is empowering manufacturers with capabilities to join dissimilar materials through Electromagnetic Pulse Welding effectively.
Furthermore, the 10th of October Fraunhofer IWU (Germany) will host at its facilities the final project review meeting, where the complete review of the project will be made together with the Project Officer assigned by European Commission.
Further information such as training materials, reports and promotional materials are available on the Documents section.