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Decrease in the consumption of high cost and critical materials

JOIN’EM is oriented towards an integrated data exchange, with 6 mainly technical and 3 additional more organisationally-oriented work packages focussing on implementation, dissemination, exploitation, and project management.

The overall work plan structure consists of distinct, achievable work packages that are completed at milestone control points. The control points allow the Steering Committee to assess the progress of the individual work packages, and implement any necessary corrective actions. Within the individual WPs themselves, each task participant and WP leader will continually review the status of each task’s achievement. For each of the initially identified risks, we have established: the likelihood that the risk will occur, the impact of the risk occurring, the actions that will be implemented (e.g. prevention, reduction, acceptance or contingency) and the impact of these actions on the overall objectives.

During the start-up phase of the project, a risk register will be created for managing the risks related to the pro- ject. The risk register will start with a risk register plan. The coordinator will seek input from team members. The risk register will record the identified risks, their severity, and the actions to be taken.

This will be a management tool that identifies, assesses, and manages risks down to acceptable levels. The regis- ter provides a framework in which problems that threaten the successful outcome of the project are captured. Actions are then instigated to reduce the probability and the potential impact of specific risks.